Optware in Giganas

For who have a Giganas this may be interesting:

Credits to DocBrown @ mrtforum

Good news, everyone!

I managed to install the Optware package from the site posted by samtruman.

Here is how I did it:

You need telnet-access to accomplish this.
Download the optware-vc-0.1.tgz file from http://en.nas-4220.org/index.php/Packages:Optware .
The site says, that you have to copy it to /public/applications/new_software, this won’t work on our NAS.

So, put it somewhere on the NAS-HD via smb, e.g. on /public.

First log on to your NAS via telnet as “root”. The default password should be “admin”, as far as I know.
Now go to the directory where you put the file and extract it. I did this by first unzipping it via gunzip optware-vc-01.tgz and then tar -xvf optware-vc-01.tar. Maybe tar -xvfz optware-vc-01.tgz will work too. Afterwards you get a folder named optware with three files in it: info.txt, init and optware.tgz.

Move this “optware”-directory to $HD_MNT_POINT/public/applications/ ($HD_MNT_POINT was /mnt/md1/ on my NAS).
You have to create the “applications”-folder, if it doesn’t exist already.

Now put the the “init”-file from the “optware” directory into the folder $HD_MNT_POINT/local/etc/rc.d/ and rename it to init.sh.
I had some other startup files in there numbered from 10 to 40. I guessed that this represented a startup sequence for the scripts. So I named it 50_init.sh. But I think it’s not necessary for the script to work. I read in different posts, that it just has to end on .sh to be executed on startup.

Execute the init.sh and it should tell you, that different ssh-keys are generated. This should take some time.
The last output of the script is “Fixing permissions on the /tmp directory…”.
Next you should reboot your NAS and the optware-installation should be finished.
It is now possible to log on via ssh to your NAS for example or install packages via ipkg.

If the init-script gives you errors about some missing files then the “optware”-folder is not in the right place.
Check if you have all three files placed under $HD_MNT_POINT/public/applications/optware .

After the initial installation you can erase the folder $HD_MNT_POINT/public/applications/optware, cause the important part was copied to $HD_MNT_POINT/optware.

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