Friday Night

Well, after a thursday -> Friday working until 2.30 AM to get some projects on the rails, preparing to an astonishing Friday, filled with meetings and the usual Friday stupid stressy things from everyone, everything has run smooth.
A little sleepy, but i’ve to stand up and go ahead.

I’ve been at Nuno’s birthday party and it has been a cool night where at the end we have put the table in to fire when drinking a “flamming shot”, after a cool birthday card hunting party at Atrium Saldanha nearby Picoas.
I’ve been at our headquarters in Casal Ribeiro at about 8 oclock, taking a lift from my friend and old boss to Belém, picked up my laptop so it was not hibernating at my office in the company over all the weekend. Some minutes spared to quick recharge my Qtek S100 running out of batteries, and picked up my car.

Cool thing, i’ve read in a blog around the net, that silence in companies it’s a strange thing. Someone talks about the security man in the building which he discovers to be an old IT man, a DBA admin. Cool….

I’ve for some reason remembered about my last night, where i was sitting beyond my tft, and the security came out in the building. I was earing music loud…. i like it, and it was a good oportunity to do it. The building was empty, much more than as usual… at that thime we are only two in there: Me and a colleague in the other room preparing some meetings with costumers.
The security boy came to me and asked: Working at this hours? I’ve looked over the tft, with a huge amount of papers in my front, editing by hand the database correcting input errors from our secretarys and said: Can’t you see? Well, i don’t know what we was in mind, but what can a person do in a office at about 1 AM? Surfing through the net ? Oh man…. this was not an IT old guy for sure… Well…. had to show to him my company id card and after that i back to my music and work smooth.

Cool night… it was.

Well here i am at home, after the party we had go to Fama, a disco in Alcantara, but the party at there was too simple. I don’t like much about discos but if the group is good the party is done by them. Well but this was lousy…. The room was filled by kids… It’s look like a college party or something…. The people are not dancing… strange. About 3.10 we’ve left the build, paying my Redbull and we’ve go home.

Time to toast my last donwload: Fedora Core 5 in DVD. I’m trying to install it just now.~

Well this has been my first post in English at my blog.
I don’t write it to get audience because i don’t aspire to it, and do not have any readers. It’s just an experience to practice my rusty english.
We have to experience new things !!! I’ve been getting an excellents weeks after my recently break up, and discover many beautifull things in the world. Specially that there are very good people around me which i didn’t payed attention. Sometimes we are with our focus in somethings that don’t deserve it, and the whole world around us just keeps passing. More to come.

Wishing to holldays… the countdown has already beginned about a month ago !!! It’s time to party time and have fun, keeping our professional side up2date (eheh), and not talking about bullshits on working too much, and being all a lie.

There are three types of people in the world:
– The ones who work
– The ones who said that are working a lot, and only are talking, not doing anything or doing things that aren’t supposed to
– The ones who don’t give a shit and do not work.

Well…. back to Core 5

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