Fedora 8 – Sem Espinhas

Apesar de ser um test está bastante estável, e agradável, com bastantes novas features:


1680*1050 sem espinhas


O novo theme. Parece que por default já não vêm o tema do balão que saiu com o Fedora 7, apesar de o login screen ainda ser com esse tema, pelo menos até ter feito todos os updates.

Após tal o login screen acompanha o tema, que me aparece seleccionado como “Custom”, será um Blecurve modificado?


O gimp

Directamente de http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F8Test2/ReleaseNotes

New in Fedora 8 Test 2

The following sections provide a brief overview of major changes from the last release of Fedora.


Fedora includes several different spins, which are variations of Fedora built from a specific set of software packages. Each spin has a combination of software to meet the requirements of a specific kind of end user. In addition to a very small boot.iso image for network installation, users have the following spin choices:

  • A regular Fedora image for desktops, workstations and server users. This spin provides a good upgrade path and similar environment for users of previous releases of Fedora.
  • Fedora Live (i686, x86_64, ppc) – A good general use Desktop live image that uses GNOME. Only the i686 version fits on a CD.
  • Fedora KDE Live (i686, x86_64) – A Desktop based on the KDE software suite. Only the i686 version fits on a CD.
  • Fedora Developer Live (i686) – A Live image designed for software developers.

  • Fedora Electronic Lab (FEL) Live (i686) – A live image designed for engineers working on electronics. This image fits on a CD.

Remember that these Live images can be used on USB media via the ‘livecd-iso-to-disk’ utility available in the livecd-tools package.


  • This test release features the GNOME 2.20 Release Candidate.
  • KDE 3.5.7 is included in this release.
  • A brand new graphical firewall configuration tool, system-config-firewall, replaces system-config-securitylevel.

  • This release includes Iced Tea, a free and open source Java environment derived from OpenJDK. A browser plugin based on GCJ that takes advantage of Iced Tea is available and installed by default.

  • A preview of Compiz Fusion, the compositing window manager that re-merges Compiz and Beryl, is installed by default. To enable Compiz Fusion in GNOME, use the System > Preferences > Desktop Effects tool. Ongoing, long term Xorg work continues to enable Compiz by default.

  • This release of Fedora has a new look and feel, called Infinity, from the Fedora Art team.

  • Nodoka, a fresh new GNOME theme created specially for Fedora, is available in this release.

  • New online browser home page, http://start.fedoraproject.org

System Level Changes

  • Fedora 8 Test 2 features a 2.6.23 based kernel.
  • PulseAudio is now installed and enabled by default. PulseAudio is an advanced sound server compatible with nearly all existing Linux sound systems. PulseAudio allows for hot-switching audio outputs, individual volume controls for each audio stream, networked audio, and more.

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