Já há algum tempo que o andamos a prometer, mas a verdade é que tanto eu como o Luis parecemos padecer do mesmo problema: falta de tempo.

O Luis já comprou o seu telefone Voip, bem eu nem tanto, mas planeio usar as funcionalidades Voip do meu MediaGateway Meo para testar com um simples telefone.

A verdade é que até um simples softphone serve para isto. A ideia ? Bem….

Sabem que esta listinha de features aqui dá-me vontade de correr o mundo.

Só de pensar num completo PPCA opensource com interligação CTI sem royalties é excelente. IVRs, Callcenters, etc etc…. ideias há muitas.

Não há é hardware nem tempo para essas megalómaniacas ideias, mas Asterisk ligado como PBX Voip é bem possivel.

Para já o AsteriskNow (Asterisk for begginers como lhe chamam) já está instalado. Falta agora arranjar um telefone e começar algumas experiências.

Se não fosse os trabalhos de projectos que existem em atraso, era tão bom…

What is Asterisk

Asterisk is the world’s leading open source telephony engine and tool kit. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary communications, Asterisk empowers developers and integrators to create advanced communication solutions…for free.

Asterisk® is released as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and it is available for download free of charge. Asterisk® is the most popular open source software available, with the Asterisk Community being the top influencer in VoIP.

Asterisk as a switch (PBX)

Asterisk can be configured as the core of an IP or hybrid PBX, switching calls, managing routes, enabling features, and connecting callers with the outside world over IP, analog (POTS), and digital (T1/E1) connections.

Asterisk runs on a wide variety of operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Sun Solaris and provides all of the features you would expect from a PBX including many advanced features that are often associated with high end (and high cost) proprietary PBXs. Asterisk’s architecture is designed for maximum flexibility and supports Voice over IP in many protocols, and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware.

Asterisk as a gateway

It can also be built out as the heart of a media gateway, bridging the legacy PSTN to the expanding world of IP telephony. Asterisk’s modular architecture allows it to convert between a wide range of communications protocols and media codecs.

Asterisk as a feature/media server

Need an IVR? Asterisk’s got you covered. How about a conference bridge? Yep. It’s in there. What about an automated attendant? Asterisk does that too. How about a replacement for your aging legacy voicemail system? Can do. Unified messaging? No problem. Need a telephony interface for your web site? Ok.

Asterisk in the call center

Asterisk has been adopted by call centers around the world based on its flexibility. Call center and contact center developers have built complete ACD systems based on Asterisk. Asterisk has also added new life to existing call center solutions by adding remote IP agent capabilities, advanced skills-based routing, predictive and bulk dialing, and more.

Asterisk in the network

Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECS) and even first-tier incumbents have discovered the power of open source communications with Asterisk. Feature servers, hosted services clusters, voicemail systems, pre-paid calling solutions, all based on Asterisk have helped reduce costs and enabled flexibility.

Asterisk everywhere

Asterisk has become the basis for thousands of communications solutions. If you need to communicate, Asterisk is your answer.

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