AMW1603EU | Wireless Notebook Mouse and Windows Vista

Recently i’ve depaired myself with some problems trying to install my Targus AMW1603EU in Windows Vista Laptop, mouse wich aims to be Vista Ready.

So it says to contact the vendor because the driver was missing an entry, because it was written for Windows 95.

Stupid i think… After much searching without answers, i’ve tryed the mouse on my Desktop, which has Windows Vista Business 64 bit. The mouse was working smoothly without any problems. Oh hell! It Works after all !

Search the web in looking for something to identificate the driver used in the desktop, i’ve found an article from someone wich in the past had problems with is targus mouse too. The answer is going to the device manager, where the mouse is lested as unidentied device, and update the driver manually.

Select it from the list as a “Human Interface Device” in order to load the HID mouse driver.

Working as a charm !


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