Release de segurança da MediaWiki

Recebi hoje a informação que surgiu uma release para a MediaWiki  de forma a corrigir problemas de segurança descobertos:

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This is a security release of 1.13.4, 1.12.4 and 1.6.12.

A number of cross-site scripting (XSS) security vulnerabilities were
in the web-based installer (config/index.php). These vulnerabilities all
require a live installer — once the installer has been used to
install a wiki,
it is deactivated.

Note that cross-site scripting vulnerabilities can be used to attack
any website
in the same cookie domain. So if you have an uninstalled copy of
MediaWiki on
the same site as an active web service, MediaWiki could be used to
attack the
active service.

If you are hosting an old copy of MediaWiki that you have never
installed, we advise you to remove it from the web.

Additionally, we are releasing 1.14.0rc1, the first release candidate
of the 2009 Q1 branch. Brave souls are encouraged to download it and
try it out.

Note that we have disabled SQLite installation in 1.14, due to the
incompleteness of the implementation. We intend to restore it in 1.15.
We’re not sure how many people are using SQLite, so contact us if our
treatment of it is causing you problems.

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