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É já amanhã que estará online o Monopoly City Streets, um viciante jogo, agora com a tecnologia do Google Maps. Vamos ver o que sairá daqui, e se dará para umas belas jogatanas pela net. – Blog :

Welcome to Monopoly City Streets. You versus the world in the biggest live game of MONOPOLY in history!

On the 9th SEPTEMBER, a world of property empire building on an unimaginable scale will be launched! A live worldwide game of MONOPOLY using Google Maps as the game board. The goal is simple. Play to beat your friends and the world to become the richest property magnate in existence.

Own any street in the world. Build humble houses, crazy castles and stupendous skyscrapers to collect rent. Use MONOPOLY Chance Cards to sabotage your mates by building Hazards on their streets.

Which strategy will you employ? Determined drive? Ingenious daring? Intelligent caution? Will you thrive under the pressure of a fast growing global property empire – or will you crumble? Find out if you’ll thrive, or even survive, in the amazing world of MONOPOLY City Streets. It’s going to be epic fun!

In the last 24 hours the chatter about Monopoly City Streets has really taken off, a lot of people are talking about it and asking lots of questions…

So, did Google build it? From the reports you would think so but the application was built by Hasbro’s UK digital agency Tribal DDB.

Have Google helped us? Of course, they’ve been great and have really gotten behind the project with all the support we needed.

Who else has helped us? The project was made possible by using the street data from OpenStreetMap, combined with Google Maps, API tastic!

Have we had fun making it? Yes, it has been emotional.

Will you enjoy playing it? We really hope so.

Not long to go now…

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  1. criei uma comu no orkut sobre o jogo, entra lá pra falarmos do game


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