Missing PHP, found SimpleInvoices

Since last three years I’ve not playing around with PHP like i used to be.

The lack from anything objective to hack around or develop as new, resulting from a specific need has driven me to not to touch it.

I’m thrilled with a new project I’ve found – Simple Invoices.

Since this year I’m part of the condominium administration I’ve searched for a simple program to keep track of our invoices. It’s not a  lot of invoices to do, but if i can do it without a simple Microsoft Word document, and could do it using a program to manage it and eventually keep in track the bills and payments it’s a good use.

After a small market research I’ve elected some points which need to have fulfilled:

– It must be free

– It must be simple

– It must be web or in somehow portable as with the arrival of a new administration the decision to use it or not must be taken, and the program can be used it or not by others.

– It would be “nice to have” export to PDF and send by email, and maybe invoice recurrence

Well found the Simple Invoices !

Simple Invoices it’s simple:

Creating an invoice in Simple Invoices is as simple as selecting a biller, customer, enter a description and amount and click ‘Save Invoice’.

It is easy and fast.

It’s web based

Simple Invoices is a web based application. This means once you set it up you can then access and use Simple Invoices from any PC using a web browser, nothing to install on clients PCs.

Just open a web browser and go nuts creating invoices.

Has PDF feature

With a click of the mouse you can easily email an invoice as PDF to your clients through Simple Invoics

Well and for all this i’d like of what i saw. It’s a community project, easy hackable because it’s written in PHP, and you can always see what’s he doing by looking in the DB or code – no closed solutions.

I believe it’s not as good as a commercial one, but it’s free and simple. I believe also that it won’t met all sort of financial requirements, for example like SAFT-PT (Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes – Portuguese version) as other ones, but’s it’s very good for the job. I think you can manage to have SAFT-PT easily like as this example in softwarelivre.sapo.pt.

Other web examples are Invoice€xpress (paid), BambooVoice (free), and as standalone applications Primavera Express (free and Portuguese), Evaristo (a free Portuguese Java program), Time-Factura (free with MS-Access Database, and paid version with SQL), Invoy (for Mac and a small paid value) or Projecto Colibri free and paid also in Java. Many more should exist but these are the ones i’ve explored.


  1. Thanks for the write up of Simple Invoices!

    great to see its helping you


    Justin Kelly
    — simpleinvoices.org

  2. Great project this one. Congratulations and many thanks Justin.

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