Optware in Giganas

For who have a Giganas this may be interesting:

Credits to DocBrown @ mrtforum

Good news, everyone!

I managed to install the Optware package from the site posted by samtruman.

Here is how I did it:

You need telnet-access to accomplish this.
Download the optware-vc-0.1.tgz file from http://en.nas-4220.org/index.php/Packages:Optware .
The site says, that you have to copy it to /public/applications/new_software, this won’t work on our NAS.

So, put it somewhere on the NAS-HD via smb, e.g. on /public.

First log on to your NAS via telnet as “root”. The default password should be “admin”, as far as I know.
Now go to the directory where you put the file and extract it. I did this by first unzipping it via gunzip optware-vc-01.tgz and then tar -xvf optware-vc-01.tar. Maybe tar -xvfz optware-vc-01.tgz will work too. Afterwards you get a folder named optware with three files in it: info.txt, init and optware.tgz.

Move this “optware”-directory to $HD_MNT_POINT/public/applications/ ($HD_MNT_POINT was /mnt/md1/ on my NAS).
You have to create the “applications”-folder, if it doesn’t exist already.

Now put the the “init”-file from the “optware” directory into the folder $HD_MNT_POINT/local/etc/rc.d/ and rename it to init.sh.
I had some other startup files in there numbered from 10 to 40. I guessed that this represented a startup sequence for the scripts. So I named it 50_init.sh. But I think it’s not necessary for the script to work. I read in different posts, that it just has to end on .sh to be executed on startup.

Execute the init.sh and it should tell you, that different ssh-keys are generated. This should take some time.
The last output of the script is “Fixing permissions on the /tmp directory…”.
Next you should reboot your NAS and the optware-installation should be finished.
It is now possible to log on via ssh to your NAS for example or install packages via ipkg.

If the init-script gives you errors about some missing files then the “optware”-folder is not in the right place.
Check if you have all three files placed under $HD_MNT_POINT/public/applications/optware .

After the initial installation you can erase the folder $HD_MNT_POINT/public/applications/optware, cause the important part was copied to $HD_MNT_POINT/optware.

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  1. Can you kindly confirm the following:

    1- Is the Optware installation on the GIGANAS configurable through a GUI or just telnet.

    2- Is there a webserver built into the Optware package mentioned above.

    3- Do the cron jobs/ scripts run on startup automatically – I understood that there was an issue whereby the startup scripts/ daemons / scheduled jobs – did not stick through reboots/ powercycles.

    4- NAS to NAS backup- Is this feature available for NAS to NAS backup in different geographic locations without the need for manual intervention. If so, what protocol/ means/ ports are used here.

    5- What filesystem would suit this package most.

    6- Are the additional packages installed customisable through the webserver?

    7- Does it have a disk status monitoring email service.

    8- Would this be a better upgrade for someone not so familiar command line/ unix? I’m willing to learn but time is severely limited

    9- Is the RAID facility built into the above referenced package.

    10- Is there a HDD spindown feature inbuilt into this package.

    11-Can this package be uninstalled with ease if need be.

    12- Where is the software installed on the internal flash or on the discs

    13-I need to make 10 copies of a folder on the disc, would Telnet be the best way or samba or ftp. Which would be the quickest + safest.

    14- Is there anything from the Synology NAS software that can be used on the GIGANAS as that software is running on Optware as well.

    As you may have guessed, my knowledge of commandline/ unix/ webservers is rather limited, but I really need to get the two GIGANAS boxes that I have working for remote backup.

    Any and every bit of help/ advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks

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