Array Object in Siebel eScript – Part 1, the problem

So, need to create an array object in Siebel eScript ?

Well, it should be possible isn´t it?  A so simple thing must be easily achieved.

This is more a note to future reference, than an explanation, due to lack of information.

After some Google searching, according to it’s possible:

Array Object in eScript

An array is a special class of object that holds several values rather than one. The values could range from simple data structures to complex ones. The later is called vectors.

Values stored in an array are referenced by index numbers assigned to that value. Each value in an array is called an element. Array indices can be either numbers or strings. Arrays can be single dimensional or multi-dimensional in nature.

var arrMyArr = new Array(); // Defines an array object

arrMyArr[0] = “Single Dimensional first value”;

arrMyArr[1][2] = “2-Dimensional Array referencing 2nd row and 3rd column”


Well the problem it’s that just don’t work… !!!


To be continued ! (This post has been in my drafts since 30 May 2011, it’s time to see the light)

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  1. i guess it is too late to answer a post of 2012
    but i had to face the problem today and i did this
    var ar = new Array();
    for (var n = 0; n < 10; n++) {
    ar[n] = new Array();
    ar[n][0] =
    ar[numChild][1] = ;

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