SD Cards : Format & Recovery

For all those nasty SdCards with problems and other after playing with partitions and all i recommend and personally use the HP Format Tool – it’s old, effective and very usefull. You coul download it from here using the password supplyed in the website.

So today i’ve experience a new kind of nasty proble, SdCard is write protected.

So in order to remove this protection there are some programs, others in Windows recommend polaying with registry, or simply use this formula:

1. Start > Run > cmd
2. type “diskpart” -> runs diskpart.exe from system folder
3. type “list volume” -> now you see all your connected drives, see which one is the drive
4. type “select volume #” -> # being the letter of your drive
5. type “attributes disk clear readonly” -> removing the protection
6. Then open your SD, you can now edit, delete, move files.

Take care to choose the correct volume in #

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  1. Solved my problem like a charm ,thanks.

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