Booting from a vinyl record

Na maling list do AADM surgiu pela notícia do André Henriques um projeto super interessante: Booting from a vinyl record.

Já alguém se imaginou a arrancar um PC a partir de um disco de Vinyl? Confesso que por vezes com o tempo que alguns que tenho demoram a experiência é semelhante, mas aqui é mesmo de um disco de Vinyl.

So this nutty little experiment connects a PC, or an IBM PC to be exact, directly onto a record player through an amplifier. There is a small ROM boot loader that operates the built-in “cassette interface” of the PC (that was hardly ever used), invoked by the BIOS if all the other boot options fail, i.e. floppy disk and the hard drive. The turntable spins an analog recording of a small bootable read-only RAM drive, which is 64K in size. This contains a FreeDOS kernel, modified by me to cram it into the memory constraint, a micro variant of COMMAND.COM and a patched version of INTERLNK, that allows file transfer through a printer cable, modified to be runnable on FreeDOS. The bootloader reads the disk image from the audio recording through the cassette modem, loads it to memory and boots the system on it. Simple huh?

Mais informações em – o sitio web do projeto.

Alguém quer tentar ?

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