Old Hardware – MRT NAS 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E

After two years without turning this thing on, the result is this:

So by now, i’ve to accept that MRT NAS 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E is dead and completely deprecated.

User support foruns can be found now at a new adress (guess they change in last years because of hosting cost) and the firmware websites from www.embeded-systems.net are now a sponsored landing page… so, i’ve made a copy of the last firmware knowed for this device in order to preserve their existance.

A Germany company still has it in the site… so before they close, i’ve create a backup. At MRT Website no existence of this hardware by now, so it was a good old product.

All the firmware and GPL Code in the site are mirrored here, and also a firmware that i used in the past which has the ability to spinoff disks: https://cloudpt.pt/link/ef960544-d4…L-NAS-E-GIGANAS

Nothing to see more in here, moving on. Rebuilding array…

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